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Universal Multi Polyurethane Foam

Universal Multi Polyurethane Foam
Product Name Universal Multi Polyurethane Foam
Product Material This is a triple expanding ready to use one component sealing foam based on polyurethane chemistry
Sizes 330ml, 500ml, 750ml
Applications It hardens at ambient temperatures to a low density mass by reacting with atmospheric moisture and on curing it exhibits excellent adhesion to wood, metals door/window frames, glass, painted surfaces, some plastics, concrete, plasters etc…
Areas of Application It has excellent thermal insulation characteristics and can be used for insulating hot/cold water piping, refrigerating systems etc. Asmaco universal multifoam is easy to extrude and suits excellently for sealing of high volume low movement gaps, cracks and holes which are hard to fill by any other type of conventional sealants.
Advantage Microcellular structure of the foam reveals a closed cell structure, hence cured foam is resistant to water absorption.
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