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The range of Sikaflex adhesives and sealants are ideal for a variety of high strength applications including all types of joints in concrete, flashing, reglets, window and door frames, and a number of other adhesive applications. Polyurethane is the main compound present in Sikaflex adhesives. These high performing polyurethane adhesives are available as one and […]

Sikaflex Adhesive Sealants for High Strength Applications

Rubber beadings are used for different types of fabrication works in the automobile industry. These beadings are also employed for various purposes in door seals, residential windows, plants and machineries, and marine crafts. In automobiles, the rubber beadings are firmly fixed along the edges of windows, thus providing resistance to vibrations and shocks. The beadings […]

Rubber Beading for Automobile Industry

Polyurethanes are a large family of polymers with a range of different properties ranging from rigid and hard and flexible or soft to solid or cellular and thermosetting or thermoplastic. The widely varying properties and uses are all based on the product of reaction between compounds containing a hydroxyl group and an organic isocyanate. The […]

Applications of Polyurethane Adhesives

Rubber and rubber products are used in a variety of applications across different fields. From rubber beadings, adhesives, and cow mats to larger applications like waterproofing, home roofing, and sealing, understanding the difference between natural rubber and EPDM rubber helps consumers make an informed choice. Rubber beadings are one of the most important accessory in […]

Natural Rubber Beadings Vs EPDM Rubber Beadings

Silicone sealants, also termed as silicon adhesives based on the purpose they are used for, are strong and flexible products that can be used for a variety of applications. These sealants have the capability to bond well with a range of different materials, including metal, various types of plastics, stones, glass, concrete, etc. Silicone sealants […]

What are Silicone Sealants?